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Chart: Comparing Liquidity Across US Markets

By on January 7th, 2019

Market liquidity is a key concern for many involved in commercial real estate. The chart below shows the rank and change in trend for all 55 U.S. markets tracked as part of the Capital Liquidity Scores.

Real Capital Analytics created the Capital Liquidity Scores to measure the depth and breadth of capital invested across global markets. In the U.S., the last update showed that scores fell in the majority of markets due in part to a drop in the number of active buyers, which is an input in the construction of the scores.

The next update of the Capital Liquidity Scores will be released in March 2019. RCA clients can access the most recent report and data file here. Learn more about the RCA Capital Liquidity Scores here

1901 US ALL markets liquidity v2_150-01

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