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I can’t remember my password. What can I do?

Enter your email address in the subscriber login box and click “Forgot Your Password?” We’ll email you a temporary password to get back into the site. You will then be asked to change your password once you are logged into the site. If you continue to experience issues, please email us at service@rcanalytics.com.

Someone else has setup my account. How do I get started?

As above, enter your email address in the subscriber login box and click on “Forgot Your Password?” We’ll email it to you. Your initial password can be changed once you’ve returned and logged in successfully.

I can’t log in – am I doing something wrong?

The system is case sensitive. Please make sure that you have the appropriate letters capitalized. You might also check to see if you have your “Caps Lock” key on.

Also, you need to have cookies enabled on your browser to access Real Capital Analytics. Under your browser’s options or preferences, select “Advanced” and look for a section called “Cookies.” You should mark “Accept all cookies,” and click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

If you have concerns about accepting cookies, please check out our privacy statement.

We have also seen some issues with some security software such as Norton Internet Security. If you use this software, our site’s operations may be blocked.

I still can’t log in!

If none of the solutions above helped you, please email service@rcanalytics.com and a member of the team will be in touch.