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Real Capital Analytics on how German investments have defied covid-19

Real Estate Capital / September 1st, 2020

All commercial real estate markets have been affected to some degree by covid-19, but Germany has held up much better than most. Investment deal count has fallen, but to a lesser extent than the European...

Office Markets Under Pressure as Coronavirus Squeezes Cities

The Wall Street Journal / August 4th, 2020

Urban office markets and other commercial real estate in major cities are experiencing their worst stretch in decades, upended by the pandemic, changes in work behavior and struggling city economies.

RCA: European Real Estate Q2 Transactions Slide to Lowest Level in Six Years on Covid-19, but Germany Holds Steady

Real Capital Analytics / July 30th, 2020

The volume of European commercial real estate investment transactions plunged to the lowest three-month level since 2014 in the second quarter of this year.

Distress Mounts in U.S. Property Market Frozen by Pandemic

Bloomberg / July 22nd, 2020

Bloomberg reports: The U.S. commercial real estate market is showing ever greater signs of stress, but there are still few deals to be had.

Loaded With Cash, Property Buyers Wait for Sellers to Crack

Bloomberg / May 19th, 2020

The world’s biggest real estate investors are sitting on piles of cash, preparing for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities created by the pandemic.

Real Capital Analytics: European Deal Volume Increases in Q1 2020, Indicators Signal Pullbacks to Come

Real Capital Analytics / April 29th, 2020

Real estate investment volume in Europe during the first quarter totalled €64.2 billion, up 7% compared with the year-earlier period.

Mismatched Pricing Expectations Drove Failed CRE Deals in March

GlobeSt.com / April 21st, 2020

GlobeSt.com reports: The percentage of commercial real estate deals that fell apart in March rose sixfold from the average failure rate, according to a recent post by Real Capital Analytics. This weakness...

New York Construction Freeze Is Adding to Industry’s Debt Risk

Bloomberg / April 8th, 2020

Bloomberg reports: New York City’s construction shutdown has derailed a $66 billion industry, increasing the risk on billions in loans issued to fund projects across the city.

Real-Estate Investors Eye Potential Bonanza in Distressed Sales

The Wall Street Journal / April 7th, 2020

The Wall Street Journal reports: A growing number of property investors are preparing for what they believe could be a once-in-a generation opportunity to buy distressed real-estate assets at bargain prices.

The World Needs Warehouses Now, and Blackstone’s Got Them

Bloomberg Businessweek / March 24th, 2020

Bloomberg Businessweek reports: As stores from California to New York shut to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, Amazon.com Inc.’s massive fulfillment centers are a hive of activity. Demand for...

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