Data Overview

RCA’s data enables our subscribers to view detailed information of a specific property or transaction, analyze it in context to the overall market and gain a big picture view by comparing trends within or across markets. For every statistic, you can drill down and see the deals and the properties that comprise it – a feature that makes RCA’s data the most trusted resource in the industry.




We can tell you everything you need to know about a property and deal – its physical characteristics, tenancy, capitalization, ownership history and prior transaction details. But it doesn’t stop there; the same information we can tell you about that specific property, we can also tell you about the surrounding properties and make you an immediate expert on any location.





However you want to define your market — a neighborhood, city, province, country or continent — RCA’s decade or more of historical data gives you a full understanding of its investment dynamics. Make comparisons and perform trend analyses; create rankings or generate lists of the top players; gain powerful insight into the key metrics and relative values of any market.


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