Data Process

Data is at the forefront of our business. We recognize the need for you to have access to the most accurate and complete transaction data available. That’s why RCA has created a data process over the past fifteen years that ensures our data quality.




RCA uses a vast array of reliable sources. Each record is derived from two or more independent reports augmented by our own proprietary research. The information flow is continuous and immediately processed to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available. Our own clients, the most active brokers and investors, continually provide feedback helping to make sure we have the most accurate deal information.

Additionally, RCA has established relationships from leading unique data partners in various markets, which augments RCA’s independent research.


Each commercial transaction is meticulously organized, standardized, reviewed and verified internally by our highly skilled team of commercial real estate researchers. RCA’s research teams in the US, Europe and Asia speak over 20 different languages and are specialists in their local markets.

Researchers are assisted by state of the art technology and advanced data science developed by RCA to ensure data quality, consistency and completeness. Still, each record is reviewed by two or more people, a key factor in RCA’s reputation as the most trusted source in the industry.

Key foundation to the process is a strict adherence to a defined and transparent methodology. Where applicable, RCA has incorporated standards from industry associations and worked with industry leaders to create common standards and definitions where nonexistent.

Solutions & Insights

Once the data has been compiled, verified and quality checked, it’s immediately added to RCA’s online database for subscribers to access through our cutting-edge analytics suite.

Our team of analysts, including some of the top thought leaders in the industry, digest this granular data to decipher the emerging trends and provide unique insight through our series of Capital Trends Reports and RCA Insights blog.

R&D is also a central focus of the analysts who are continually working to develop new measures for the industry, such as the RCA CPPI, the first transactions-based price indices for commercial property.