The RCA Commercial Property Price Indices (RCA CPPI™) are a suite of price indices developed and published by Real Capital Analytics. They are transaction-based and accurately measure commercial real estate price movements using repeat-sales regression methodology. There are currently over 350 indices which provide direct comparability across markets and property types in 15 countries.

Originally launched in December 2006 as the Moody’s/Real CPPI and later re-branded as the Moody’s/RCA CPPI, the indices will now simply be known as RCA Commercial Property Price Indices (RCA CPPI). Ten US national indices are published monthly and made available to the industry without charge for analytical and research purposes while the rest of the indices are produced quarterly.

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RCA CPPI measure the actual price experience of property investors

What do the RCA CPPI measure?

The RCA CPPI measure the actual price experience of property investors – the capital appreciation component of total return, by quantifying the change in prices based on empirical results of validated transactions.

The RCA CPPI are based on transaction data exclusively compiled by RCA derived from proprietary research that includes the cumulative sourcing and cross-referencing of hundreds of independent reliable sources. Learn more about our data process.

global transaction-based price index

What RCA CPPIs are available?

RCA is the first and only producer of a global transaction-based price index. Altogether, RCA produces more than 350 RCA CPPI covering the traditional commercial property types (office, industrial, retail) as well as apartments and hotels. In the US, there are also indices for various property subtypes.

Geographically, there are national, regional, metro, market and submarket level indices. Indices are produced for 72 distinct metro/market areas in 15 different countries that account for 77% of all commercial transactions globally.

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portfolio stress testing and risk analytics

How can I utilize the RCA CPPI?

  • Market-to-market or estimate current values of properties and portfolios
  • Assess property and portfolio performance or valuations
  • Enhance market and investment research
  • Draw correlations between price trends and countless other variables
  • Analyze asset allocation
  • Perform portfolio stress testing and risk analytics

How do I get RCA CPPI updates?

Summary results of the RCA CPPI’s will be released in RCA’s Insights. For the US, the national indices are published monthly and accompanied by a brief report. Quarterly, RCA publishes a Global Cities report that include summary results of the RCA CPPI’s most relevant to Global investors.

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