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Asia Pacific Commercial Property Market Recovery Continues in First Quarter as Key Markets Rebound – RCA

Real Capital Analytics / May 10th, 2021

The recovery in Asia Pacific commercial real estate investment activity gained pace across multiple markets in the first quarter...

Renewed Covid Concerns Stifle Domestic Investment in Australian Commercial Property in First Quarter – RCA

Real Capital Analytics / May 5th, 2021

Investment in Australian commercial property by domestic investors slumped to the lowest quarterly levels in more than five years...

Europe’s Resurgent Pandemic Stifles Commercial Property Deal Flow in First Quarter, While ‘Beds and Sheds’ Investor Portfolio Rotation Accelerated – RCA

Real Capital Analytics / May 4th, 2021

Europe’s commercial property sales were suppressed by renewed lockdowns in the first quarter, down almost one-third compared to...

RCA: Australia’s Commercial Property Investment Sinks in 2020 as Pandemic Hobbles Demand for Office, Retail Sectors

Real Capital Analytics / February 22nd, 2021

Transactions of commercial real estate in Australia tumbled by almost a half in 2020 to the lowest levels of activity in eight years as the pandemic threw up hurdles to dealmaking...

Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Market Revives in the Fourth Quarter; South Korea, India, Taiwan Set Records in 2020 – RCA

Real Capital Analytics / February 11th, 2021

Sales of commercial property in the Asia Pacific region picked up in the fourth quarter of 2020, ending the pandemic-blighted year on a brighter note.

‘Beds and Sheds’ Notch Record Share of Investment Deals in Covid-hit Europe for First Time in 2020, while Cross-border Capital Flows Plummet – RCA

Real Capital Analytics / January 29th, 2021

Investor spending on apartment and industrial properties combined took a greater value share of European commercial property transactions than offices for the first time last year.

RCA: Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Market Slides Again in Third Quarter as Cross-Border Capital Retreats

Real Capital Analytics / November 9th, 2020

Sales of commercial property in the Asia Pacific region fell by 38% in the third quarter of the year as the global health crisis put a dampener on cross-border dealmaking.

RCA: Covid-19 Pounds European Real Estate in Q3 as Deals Fall 43%; Logistics Sector Escapes Rout

Real Capital Analytics / October 29th, 2020

Total European real estate deal volume in the third quarter of 2020 fell 43% compared with the same quarter of 2019, as the slump caused by the Covid-19 pandemic deepened.

RCA: European Real Estate Q2 Transactions Slide to Lowest Level in Six Years on Covid-19, but Germany Holds Steady

Real Capital Analytics / July 30th, 2020

The volume of European commercial real estate investment transactions plunged to the lowest three-month level since 2014 in the second quarter of this year.

Real Capital Analytics: European Deal Volume Increases in Q1 2020, Indicators Signal Pullbacks to Come

Real Capital Analytics / April 29th, 2020

Real estate investment volume in Europe during the first quarter totalled €64.2 billion, up 7% compared with the year-earlier period.

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