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European Logistics Sector Keeps Delivering as Retail Disappoints

Tom Leahy / March 1st, 2017

The contrasting fortunes of the European industrial and retail sectors were amply illustrated in 2016. Transaction volumes and the movements in cap rates told an interlinked story of investors targeting…

Europe Capital Trends 2016 in Review: Germany Takes CRE Crown

Tom Leahy / February 3rd, 2017

European real estate investment fell 21% in 2016 from the record levels of 2015, the new edition of Europe Capital Trends shows. Investment volumes in the U.K. dropped 43% and Germany took the crown as...

London: The Scene Six Months After Brexit Vote

Tom Leahy / December 20th, 2016

The six months since the U.K.’s E.U. referendum have amply demonstrated how politics can have an immediate impact on real estate markets. Central London investment volumes are down 55% versus...

Italy Referendum: The Risk for Commercial Real Estate

Tom Leahy / November 29th, 2016

Following “surprise” victories for president-elect Donald Trump and for the Leave campaign in the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, the next plebiscite - and therefore source of concern...

Q3 2016 Europe Capital Trends: A Slowing Core

Tom Leahy / October 27th, 2016

Hurt by Brexit concerns, quarterly volume in the U.K. fell behind German volume for the first time since 2012. While the year-over-year decline looks severe, it should be noted that Q3’15 was the strongest...

Expo Real 2016 – Three is the New Five

Tom Leahy / October 10th, 2016

After three days at Expo Real in Munich, coalescing the many conversations and diverse views heard there into a coherent narrative is a challenge. The trouble is there were almost as many views...

Q2 2016 Europe Capital Trends: Brexit Takes a Toll

Tom Leahy / July 28th, 2016

Concern over Brexit weighed heavily on European investment volume in the first half of 2016, the Q2’16 edition of Europe Capital Trends reveals. European real estate investment declined...

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