RCA’s Mortgage Debt Intelligence®

As we enter a distressed cycle full of uncertainties, the data, tools and insights that Real Capital Analytics provides are more valuable than ever. RCA has 15+ years of experience tracking distress using proprietary methodology. Our history of identifying, quantifying and connecting distressed properties and loans to the players and markets around the world makes RCA unique.

Mortgage Debt Intelligence ® (MDI) is the largest linked, searchable database of properties, loans, and their borrowers and lenders in the industry. MDI’s content and functionality help you understand the risk associated with an owner’s or lender’s complete commercial real estate exposure. Use MDI to track distress at the very first signs of trouble, or even potential trouble, through to resolution within any market or for specific owner. Our valuable information throughout each stage on defaults, workout strategies, foreclosures, payoffs, and loan modifications allows you to see the fine points of the ‘domino effect’ of distress on troubled portfolios, giving you the advantage to act at the right time to mitigate losses and seize opportunities for the new cycle ahead.

Locate distressed assets and loans. Understand who has the largest exposure to any property sector or market. Get notified when an event affects a property or loan of interest to you.

Business Development:

RCA’s Investor and Lender profiles allow you to evaluate exposure to different property types and markets. Assess impacts to challenged sectors like retail, hotel or senior living or make market-to-market comparisons, globally.

Monitor Distressed Assets:

RCA spots and categorizes loan trouble as: Potentially Troubled/Watchlist, Troubled/Special Servicing, Lender REO, Surveillance, Stalled Construction Projects and Terminated. This also includes CMBS loans placed on master servicer watchlists or transferred to a special servicer.

CMBS Data on Loans, Properties & Borrowers:

All properties with a CMBS loan are linked to the current loan status, loan balance, and servicer notes.

Proprietary Intelligence: RCA’s Surveillance

RCA’s proprietary Surveillance covers every property in the RCA database, providing unparalleled coverage of both securitized and non-securitized assets. With a single click, receive detailed information on all potential events surrounding a property of interest that either affects its value or provides insights to help you better understand the value. This includes nearby pricing, construction and distress.

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