These Lenders Are Originating More High-LTV Loans

Jim Costello / September 7th, 2018

U.S. commercial mortgage professionals are increasingly concerned about the competitive pressure presented by debt funds. This pressure can be seen in...

Changing Gatekeepers of Construction Financing

Jim Costello / May 29th, 2018

The Dodd-Frank reform passed last week includes provisions which will clarify certain U.S. rules on bank lending for real estate construction. Those rules were implemented in 2015 and the competitive...

Non-Traditional Lenders Gain Ground

Jim Costello / March 15th, 2018

Non-traditional lenders are gaining ground in the market for commercial property lending. Our US Capital Trends report to be released next week will show that financial companies and private lenders...

Is the Increased Lending Share of Smaller Banks a Red Flag?

Jim Costello / April 4th, 2017

Commercial real estate is a local business. The immobility of the assets ensures that the expertise needed for the leasing, management and financing of said assets will be concentrated around...

How Will the Fed Increase Impact Commercial Real Estate?

Jim Costello / March 16th, 2017

The impact of the Federal Reserve’s 0.25% interest rate increase on investors is unclear. However, for lenders this environment of increasing short-term rates presents challenges to their profitability....

Cautious Optimism Among CMBS Survivors: Takeaways From CREFC

Jim Costello / January 12th, 2017

I attended the CREFC meeting in Miami Beach this week and the watchword was uncertainty. Lenders and investors hate uncertainty, but despite this theme dominating, few people I talked with expressed fears...

Italy Referendum: The Risk for Commercial Real Estate

Tom Leahy / November 29th, 2016

Following “surprise” victories for president-elect Donald Trump and for the Leave campaign in the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, the next plebiscite - and therefore source of concern...

Small Banks, Big Impact

Jim Costello / September 17th, 2016

Regional and Local Banks have accelerated their lending for commercial property over the past year, accounting for 21% of all commercial mortgage originations in H1’16. With this share, these smaller banks...

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