Canada, Singapore Lead Cross-Border Activity in US as China Deal Flow Wanes

Jim Costello / November 29th, 2017

Canadian and Singaporean investors have upped the pace of their commercial real estate acquisitions in the U.S. while activity from Chinese investors has waned, the latest US Cross-Border Investment Compendium...

Canadian Investors Become Largest Cross-Border Buyers in US, Report Shows

Jim Costello / August 30th, 2017

Canadian investors have retaken the lead as the largest source of cross-border investment capital in the U.S., the latest US Cross-Border Investment Compendium shows. These buyers increased the pace of...

Chasing Higher Yields in Mexico Is No Risk-Free Endeavor

Jim Costello / July 12th, 2017

The lure of comparatively high-yield investments in Mexico may compel some U.S. and Canadian investors to seek acquisitions there as cap rates in their home countries hover at record lows. Make no mistake...

Nov 2016 US Capital Trends: Drumbeat of Declines to Fade

Jim Costello / December 22nd, 2016

Commercial property transactions fell 6% YOY in November, following a 35% YOY decline in October, and unless December posts extraordinary growth, declines are likely for Q4’16 overall. Still, that steady...

Canada Leads the Free World

Jim Costello / November 22nd, 2016

Yes, Canada Leads the Free World is a strong statement and no, it is not a case of liberal sour grapes about the U.S. presidential election. Rather, commercial real estate transaction volume is growing...

Q3 2016 Global and Asia Pacific Capital Trends: Global Activity Dips, Some Countries Shine

Simon Mallinson / November 3rd, 2016

Global commercial real estate investment fell 15% year-over-year in Q3’16, the new edition of Global Capital Trends shows. For the first nine months of 2016, total global volume fell 11% versus...

Q2 2016 Global Capital Trends: Activity Declines Across Regions

Simon Mallinson / August 11th, 2016

Global commercial real estate investment volume fell 6% YOY in Q2’16, the latest edition of Global Capital Trends reveals. Regionally, while the U.S. saw some recovery...

Will a Strong Dollar Send U.S. Investors on a Buying Spree?

Jim Costello / February 1st, 2016

A buddy of mine texted me: Is it time to buy a place in Whistler? The Canadian dollar is falling...time to party? This is the guy who bribed his way into East Germany…

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