Cross-border investors

View From Japan: Fewer Investors Step In, More Investors to Venture Out

Petra Blazkova / September 12th, 2016

At the MIPIM Japan conference in Osaka in early September, the vast majority of exhibitors came from across Japan and just one was from overseas. We are proud to say that visitor was Real Capital Analytics....

Q2 2016 Global Capital Trends: Activity Declines Across Regions

Simon Mallinson / August 11th, 2016

Global commercial real estate investment volume fell 6% YOY in Q2’16, the latest edition of Global Capital Trends reveals. Regionally, while the U.S. saw some recovery...

Q2 2016 Asia Pacific Capital Trends: Investors Crimp Activity Amid Concerns

Petra Blazkova / August 5th, 2016

RCA's inaugural Asia Pacific Capital Trends report shows that income-producing real estate investment in Asia Pacific declined 39% from a year ago in H1'16. The declines were led by Australia, China and...

Q2 2016 Europe Capital Trends: Brexit Takes a Toll

Tom Leahy / July 28th, 2016

Concern over Brexit weighed heavily on European investment volume in the first half of 2016, the Q2’16 edition of Europe Capital Trends reveals. European real estate investment declined...

Singapore Asia Square Tower Deal Is the Exception, Not the Rule

Petra Blazkova / July 21st, 2016

Singapore is a wealthy country with an abundance of investment capital and a limited domestic investment universe. As a result, Singapore-based investors are one of the most active sources of outbound...

Mixed Messages at Midyear for Commercial Real Estate

Jim Costello / July 15th, 2016

Preliminary figures suggest that overall deal activity in Q2’16 was down 20% YOY, similar to the declines posted in Q1’16. However, the decline for individual properties was less than half that in...

Will a Strong Dollar Send U.S. Investors on a Buying Spree?

Jim Costello / February 1st, 2016

A buddy of mine texted me: Is it time to buy a place in Whistler? The Canadian dollar is falling...time to party? This is the guy who bribed his way into East Germany…

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