Chart: Top US Industrial Property Markets of 2021 So Far

Alexis Maltin / August 10th, 2021

Of the top 25 markets for industrial investment, 12 markets achieved a record high...

Chart: Top 10 Most Active US Markets Since 2009

Real Capital Analytics / November 23rd, 2020

Manhattan’s drop in the rankings is the story of a one-two punch...

Chart: US Markets Caught With Construction Into Downturn

Haley Crimmins / April 13th, 2020

NYC Boroughs had the second highest level of construction activity over the last 12 months...

Spotlight on the US Self Storage Sector

Alexis Maltin / September 5th, 2019

The U.S. self storage sector, typically dominated by REITs and private capital, has been attracting institutional investors...

Chart: US Metros Luring Cross-Border Investors

Jim Costello / September 4th, 2018

Not all U.S. cities have the same lure for cross-border investors. The New York City metro area pulls in a larger share of U.S. cross-border volume than it does overall U.S. investment volume. The DC metro...

Chart: Top US Markets for Cross-Border Investors

Jim Costello / March 6th, 2018

Cross-border investors in U.S. commercial real estate are not a uniform bunch. Take a look at their preferred target markets in the U.S., for instance...

Dallas Beats Houston as #1 Texas Market. For Now.

Elizabeth Szep / December 1st, 2017

Houston can lay claim to the best team in baseball, but when it comes to commercial real estate, Dallas has taken the title. Across several key metrics that Real Capital Analytics tracks and...

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