Middle East

Examining Germany’s Eclipse of the UK Since 2016

Tom Leahy / March 26th, 2021

Germany has attracted more investment capital than any other European...

Overseas Investors Dial Down Purchases of U.S. Real Estate

Jim Costello / December 5th, 2019

Purchases of U.S. commercial real estate by cross-border investors slipped in the third quarter of 2019, the latest edition...

The Return of the Middle East Investor?

Simon Mallinson / July 9th, 2019

Global commercial real estate investment by players headquartered in the Middle East is on the increase in 2019 after...

SWFs Notable in 2018. For Their Absence.

Tom Leahy / August 31st, 2018

Sovereign wealth funds have been notable so far in 2018 – for their absence, that is. For the year to date these buyers have spent just over...

Cross-Border Buying in the US Is Getting Bigger

Jim Costello / August 29th, 2018

Cross-border investment in U.S. commercial real estate is getting bigger, the latest US Cross-Border Investment Compendium shows. Firstly, direct acquisitions...

Cross-Border Investment in US Edges Up in Q1

Jim Costello / May 31st, 2018

Cross-border investors increased their U.S. acquisitions into 2018, and Chinese investors were the second largest investor group, the latest US Cross-Border Investment Compendium shows...

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