Apartment Deal Activity Increases Amid Europe’s Q1 Drop

Tom Leahy / April 28th, 2021

European commercial property sales sales slowed again at the start of 2021, the fourth...

Chart: Depth of Buyer Pools in Leading Global Markets

Shane Omundsen / March 10th, 2021

The number of unique, active buyers in a market is a key signal for...

Global Cities Property Price Growth Slows in Q2

Real Capital Analytics / August 13th, 2020

Eight of the 18 indices in the Global Cities Composite Index posted decreasing...

Property Prices Increase for Most Key Global Metros in Q1

Real Capital Analytics / May 14th, 2020

Commercial property prices pushed higher in the majority of leading global metros...

Chart: Global Commercial Property Price Trends Since ’07

Wyatt Avery / March 11th, 2020

It's worth looking at how commercial real estate prices have performed since the start of 2007, before...

Where Are Europe’s Bright Spots?

Tom Leahy / June 28th, 2018

It has been a slow start to the year for Europe’s real estate market in comparison with 2017. Total volumes to the end of May were down 20% YOY...

European Volume Grows in 2017, Boosted by Big Deals, RCA Report Shows

Tom Leahy / February 1st, 2018

Europe’s commercial property investment market returned to growth in 2017, registering the third strongest year on record. European investment volume rose by...

Europe Capital Trends 2016 in Review: Germany Takes CRE Crown

Tom Leahy / February 3rd, 2017

European real estate investment fell 21% in 2016 from the record levels of 2015, the new edition of Europe Capital Trends shows. Investment volumes in the U.K. dropped 43% and Germany took the crown as...

Q3 2016 Europe Capital Trends: A Slowing Core

Tom Leahy / October 27th, 2016

Hurt by Brexit concerns, quarterly volume in the U.K. fell behind German volume for the first time since 2012. While the year-over-year decline looks severe, it should be noted that Q3’15 was the strongest...

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