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US Opportunity Zones: A Baseline

Bob White / December 4th, 2018

The newly-designated "opportunity zones" account for 10% of the investable universe in the U.S. and have averaged $50 billion in annual acquisition volume in recent years, a new RCA report shows. Analysis...

Seoul Sees Swell of Office Deals and Liquidity

Petra Blazkova / October 1st, 2018

Seoul has climbed the ranks to become the second largest office market in Asia Pacific and liquidity in the South Korean capital keeps growing. Investors spent...

Which US Lender Groups Are Gaining Ground?

Jim Costello / September 20th, 2018

The U.S. commercial real estate debt markets are now as competitive as ever. Despite the upward move of the long-end of the yield curve over the last year and a half, commercial mortgage rates have not...

Chart: Net Investment in US Retail Sector

Jim Costello / May 21st, 2018

There is too much negativity swirling around the retail sector: pockets of healthy investment opportunities do still exist...

Q1 2017 US Capital Trends: Industrial Waxes, Apartment Wanes

Jim Costello / April 21st, 2017

U.S. commercial property sales declined 18% in Q1'17 versus a year earlier, with both megadeal and single asset activity posting double-digit YOY drops, the new edition of US Capital Trends shows. The...

London: The Scene Six Months After Brexit Vote

Tom Leahy / December 20th, 2016

The six months since the U.K.’s E.U. referendum have amply demonstrated how politics can have an immediate impact on real estate markets. Central London investment volumes are down 55% versus...

Who Is Making the Market?

Jim Costello / October 14th, 2016

Transaction activity throughout 2016 has been falling relative to 2015 and preliminary figures suggest lower activity in Q3’16 as well. However pricing has held up, and pushed higher in many cases...

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