Asia Pacific Activity Subdued in Q3; Hong Kong Drops

Real Capital Analytics / November 6th, 2019

Commercial real estate activity was subdued during the third quarter as investment levels in Australia, Japan and South Korea slipped. In Hong Kong...

Beijing Surges to Become #1 Asia Pacific Market

Petra Blazkova / May 8th, 2019

Beijing surged to become the most active Asia Pacific metro for commercial real estate investment in the first quarter of 2019, the latest edition of...

Chart: Most Liquid Global Real Estate Markets

Simon Mallinson / April 29th, 2019

Four U.S. markets, five European markets and one from Asia Pacific are the top 10 most liquid commercial property markets in the world, according to...

Seoul Neck and Neck with Tokyo in 2018: RCA

Petra Blazkova / February 1st, 2019

Seoul recorded its strongest year for commercial real estate activity ever in 2018 and is tied with Tokyo in the rankings of the largest Asia Pacific...

Chart: Top Global Real Estate Markets

Simon Mallinson / November 12th, 2018

New York has cemented its position as the largest global metro market for commercial real estate in 2018 so far. Transactions of...

Chart: Global Metros Dominating Country Markets

Simon Mallinson / October 16th, 2018

France's commercial real estate market is not just Paris. But Paris does represent the lion's share of the country's commercial property market...

Looking at Liquidity in Sydney and Tokyo

Petra Blazkova / July 10th, 2018

Central Tokyo and Sydney are the most liquid commercial real estate markets in Asia Pacific. Liquidity in Tokyo and Sydney has edged lower in recent periods, however...

Asia Pacific Capital Trends 2016 Review: China Roars

Petra Blazkova / February 6th, 2017

Investment volume in Asia Pacific fell 14% YOY in 2016, as weakness in Japan and Australia offset stronger performances by China and most other Asian markets, the new edition of Asia Pacific Capital Trends...

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