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Property Prices Increase for Most Key Global Metros in Q1

Real Capital Analytics / May 14th, 2020

Commercial property prices pushed higher in the majority of leading global metros...

Chart: US Markets Caught With Construction Into Downturn

Haley Crimmins / April 13th, 2020

NYC Boroughs had the second highest level of construction activity over the last 12 months...

Chart: Global Commercial Property Price Trends Since ’07

Wyatt Avery / March 11th, 2020

It's worth looking at how commercial real estate prices have performed since the start of 2007, before...

Chart: Price Trends in Major Metros of US, Canada

Real Capital Analytics / December 2nd, 2019

Price growth across leading North American metros in late 2019 is not moving at the same clip -- or, indeed, direction. Propelled by...

Rent Control Is Pushing Up US Apartment Cap Rates

Jim Costello / September 10th, 2019

Investors and lenders are repricing assets in markets where rent control exists or is being introduced...

Chart: Comparing Liquidity Across US Markets

Elizabeth Szep / January 7th, 2019

Market liquidity is a key concern for many involved in commercial real estate. The chart below shows the rank and change in trend for all 55 U.S. markets...

Chart: US Metros Luring Cross-Border Investors

Jim Costello / September 4th, 2018

Not all U.S. cities have the same lure for cross-border investors. The New York City metro area pulls in a larger share of U.S. cross-border volume than it does overall U.S. investment volume. The DC metro...

Manhattan Commercial Prices Dance to Own Tune

Jim Costello / July 30th, 2018

Manhattan commercial property prices have fallen 6% from their peak levels in this cycle. This drop in prices has not been matched in the other major...

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