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Chart: CPPI Trends in North American Major Metros

Real Capital Analytics / September 9th, 2020

Los Angeles and San Francisco were the laggards at midyear 2020. In San Francisco, prices...

Property Prices Increase for Most Key Global Metros in Q1

Real Capital Analytics / May 14th, 2020

Commercial property prices pushed higher in the majority of leading global metros...

Chart: US Markets Caught With Construction Into Downturn

Haley Crimmins / April 13th, 2020

NYC Boroughs had the second highest level of construction activity over the last 12 months...

Chart: Global Commercial Property Price Trends Since ’07

Wyatt Avery / March 11th, 2020

It's worth looking at how commercial real estate prices have performed since the start of 2007, before...

Chart: Price Trends in Major Metros of US, Canada

Real Capital Analytics / December 2nd, 2019

Price growth across leading North American metros in late 2019 is not moving at the same clip -- or, indeed, direction. Propelled by...

Rent Control Is Pushing Up US Apartment Cap Rates

Jim Costello / September 10th, 2019

Investors and lenders are repricing assets in markets where rent control exists or is being introduced...

Chart: Comparing Liquidity Across US Markets

Elizabeth Szep / January 7th, 2019

Market liquidity is a key concern for many involved in commercial real estate. The chart below shows the rank and change in trend for all 55 U.S. markets...

Chart: US Metros Luring Cross-Border Investors

Jim Costello / September 4th, 2018

Not all U.S. cities have the same lure for cross-border investors. The New York City metro area pulls in a larger share of U.S. cross-border volume than it does overall U.S. investment volume. The DC metro...

Manhattan Commercial Prices Dance to Own Tune

Jim Costello / July 30th, 2018

Manhattan commercial property prices have fallen 6% from their peak levels in this cycle. This drop in prices has not been matched in the other major...

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