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Low Interest Rates Not Enough to Kindle CRE Sales Activity

By on September 23rd, 2020

The 10yr US Treasury has averaged less than 1% every month since March 2020. Commercial mortgage rates have barely budged despite this sustained low level for the interest rate environment. In any normal period, low interest rates would be a positive sign for commercial real estate investment.

Interest rates remaining at such a low level over a sustained period is a sign of weakness in the economy. Investors normally benefit from declines in both cap rates and mortgage rates in periods of falling interest rates. The US Capital Trends report, released today by Real Capital Analytics, shows that these low rates have not inspired new acquisitions, with national sales activity down 68% year-over-year in August and down 36% for the year to date.

chart comparing interest and mortgage rates over time

While interest rates have fallen, commercial mortgage rates have varied little, averaging 3.8% since March. Granted, a year earlier commercial mortgage rates averaged 4.7%. Even with more favorable financing costs however, potential buyers are fearful to step up to higher prices in the face of struggling tenants and a hazy picture on future income trends.

The lenders themselves are acting with some element of caution in the current environment. The spreads between commercial mortgage rates and the 10yr US Treasury are not at record high levels seen following the Global Financial Crisis, but they are at the highest levels seen over the last five years. Also, figures in the US Capital Trends report show that some of the most aggressive lenders in 2019 have started originating loans with lower LTVs in 2020.


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Jim Costello

Jim Costello

Senior Vice President

Jim Costello has worked in the CRE space on issues of urban economics since 1990, including a 20-year stint at Torto Wheaton Research. Jim expanded the reach of the Torto Wheaton Research team developing forecasts of global market fundamentals. He also developed approaches to pair the forecast results with frameworks to answer investor questions on asset values and relative investment opportunities.

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, Jim provided advice to the Treasury Department and helped educate these professionals on commercial real estate performance. Jim is a member of the Commercial Board of Governors of the Mortgage Bankers Administration, where he helps policy makers understand the commercial real estate industry.

Jim is expanding the capabilities of the Real Capital Analytics team on issues of real estate market dynamics. Jim has a master’s degree in economics and is a member of the Counselors of Real Estate.